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Did you know that strong, healthy gums are key to maintaining a beautiful smile and your long-term oral health?

At Dental Works in Scottsdale, AZ,  Drs. Terry Lee and Mary Ann Work offer periodontics to treat conditions that affect the gum tissue.

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An Amazing Smile Transformation Effective Periodontal & Restorative Care

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The Dental Works Team  Offering Skilled Periodontal Care

At Dental Works, we provide a comprehensive range of dental services. Periodontal treatment is an important element of dental care that encompasses a variety of different treatments. We offer advanced solutions to dental problems and pay special attention to preventative exams so nothing goes unnoticed and untreated.

Drs. Terry Lee and Mary Ann Work prioritize patient health and safety above all else. Our high-tech, comfortable practice serves patients in the Scottsdale and greater Phoenix Arizona region with top of the line dentistry. As a full-range provider of general dentistry and periodontics, our patients trust us to provide convenient and effective care. Schedule a consultation with Dental Works today. You can reach our practice online or call us at:

(480) 391-0099 

Dr. Terry Lee Work meeting with a patient
Dr. Terry Lee Work meeting with a patient and educating him about his dental health at Dental Works in Scottsdale

Patients Describe Dental Works As... "The best in all facets of dental care."




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The best in all facets of dental care. Experienced, knowledgeable and comforting. I owe my smile to them. You won’t find better for you whole family.

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Sarah Anderson


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Drs. Terry and Mary Ann were professional and pleasant to work with.  My mouth/teeth were in very bad shape but they saved my teeth and my smile.  I highly recommend them if you need a skilled dentist that is also compassionate.  They are the best!

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The Importance of Beginning Your Periodontal Care

Baseline Evaluation 

One of the most valuable aspects of care is getting patients started with their initial exam and periodontal measurements. We want a thorough baseline evaluation so we know where we are starting. A periodontist can more easily spot potential concerns by comparing the results of your routine exams to these initial measurements. This also helps us establish the best long-term plan for each patient

Patient Education

Often, patients don't realize the impact periodontal disease can have on their overall health. The team at Dental Works places special focus on patient education at the start of treatment, allowing patients to take an active role in their dental care. Individuals who are aware of the signs and consequences of periodontal disease tend to take better preventative action

Rob Enjoys Better Periodontal Health

Rob was experiencing painful symptoms due to gum disease. Dr. Mary Ann Work identified the cause and developed a personalized treatment plan to restore his oral health. Rob enjoys the friendly, efficient, and pain-free care he receives at Dental Works.

Diagnosing Periodontal Conditions

During each routine check-up, we carefully examine your mouth for signs of periodontal issues. Identifying periodontitis may involve:

Reviewing Your Medical History

Speak to a periodontist about any symptoms you have noticed or any conditions that may run in your family. Other factors that can contribute to dry mouth and periodontitis include your medications and lifestyle choices, like smoking. 

Oral Exam and Periodontic Analysis

A periodontist will look for visible symptoms of periodontal disease before performing specific tests designed to reveal the extent of the condition. Measuring the pocket depth of the space between the tooth and gum line is a good indication of gum health, as well as the severity of plaque build up and gum bleeding. 


Periodontal disease causes the loss of bone and tissue around a tooth. If a periodontist believes you may have gum disease, x-rays will be taken to check for bone loss

Periodontal Disease  View the Impact It Can Have on Your Oral Health

Before image of infected gum tissue and after treatment image

How Do You Treat Periodontal Disease?

While we emphasize the importance of preventive care, we also offer procedures to address gum disease. At our Scottsdale, AZ, practice, we can restore oral health with different surgical and non-surgical procedures.

Laser dental technology


When gum disease is caught early, we can recommend non-surgical periodontic techniques. Our practice offers PerioProtect® treatment, which delivers medication deep within the gum line, to areas that your toothbrush and mouthwash can't reach. The treatment involves the use of custom-designed trays that fit snugly on your dental arches. We also perform scaling and root planning treatments. Scaling will remove plaque and bacteria from your teeth and gums with laser technology; root planing smooths the root surfaces, discouraging further bacterial build-up

An illustration of a gum graft


Advanced periodontal disease may require surgical treatment. One option is tissue grafting to fill in a receding gum line. The tissue is taken from a donor site and transplanted to the gum line to cover exposed roots and prevent further recession. To treat jawbone atrophy, a bone graft can be performed. This dental procedure can rebuild the bone tissue around the tooth root to prevent tooth loss or restore your ability to receive dental implants if you have missing teeth. 

Advanced Technology  Periodontic Dentistry 

Periodontics takes advantage of modern dental technology to help diagnose and treat gum conditions. At Dental Works, we use lasers to make our procedures more comfortable and safe. Laser therapy is less invasive than traditional forms of treatment, allowing patients to recover faster with less post-procedure discomfort.

5 Stars!

"I have been coming here for years.  Terry and Mary Ann are amazing!  They are so patient with me as I have some dental issues.  They always go above and beyond to make sure my teeth are healthy.  If you are looking for a dentist that is caring and fun, then go to Dental Works.  The staff is also excellent!" Cheryl Strom
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Dental Works

Drs. Terry Lee Work and Mary Ann Work are highly qualified to care for your family's smiles: 

  • Affiliated with ICOI and the American Dental Association
  • Sedation dentistry for improved comfort and accommodation of special needs
  • Affordable treatment with CareCredit® financing
  • Comprehensive dental care for patients of all ages

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