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For over three decades, Dr. Terry Lee Work has enjoyed the challenges of working as a dentist. His lifelong interest in working with his hands and a love of interacting with people made a career in dentistry a natural choice. He takes pride in providing patients with the personalized service they deserve and strives to improve the lives of everyone who visits Dental Works.

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I graduated from dental school in '89. So I've been a dentist for what, 32 years. I always love to work on things. I've always had a natural curiosity about how things work. I was always building things. I love to build model cars, and model planes, and remote control airplanes, and all that kind of stuff growing up. And when I was in about the eighth grade, I was in an industrial skills class. And one of my instructors said something that I'll never forget. He said, "You know, with your interest in working with your hands, and making jewelry, and your obvious love for interacting with people, you should consider being a dentist." And I never forgot that. The thing I enjoy most about being a dentist is how difficult it is to be good at. Takes good hand-eye coordination. There's an artistic portion to it that I absolutely love. I love to make things. And I love working with people. My wife and I take a lot of pride in finding balance between family and business so that we have been able to practice for a long time and really enjoy what we do. I always tell patients, I joke around. I go, "Oh my God, this is my favorite procedure to do." And the reason is, and it's true every time, because that's the one I'm doing right then. So personal service is what it's all about.

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