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A full mouth reconstruction from Dental Works can improve the appearance of your smile while restoring your ability to speak clearly and chew comfortably. Our dentists, Drs. Terry Lee and Mary Ann Works, have the training, experience, and skill to restore even the most complex cases. We take the time to evaluate the needs, goals, and expectations of patients considering a full mouth reconstruction so that they can know exactly what to expect from treatment.

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Full mouth restoration is something that takes a lot of training to properly do. The most important part of full mouth reconstruction is evaluation of the patient. There are some cases that are so complex that you need to prepare the patient that you want to make sure they don't have unrealistic expectations. If you've got somebody who's been missing teeth for 20 years, and they want to have a smile that's a Hollywood smile like, you know, a starlet, you need to let them know there's an excellent chance that that may not happen, and you need to evaluate the patients to find out what is their most important result. Are they more interested in being able to chew? Are they more interested in how the teeth look? Are they more interested in being comfortable and not have anything they take in and out? The process of evaluation is so important that, that's where you really need to spend the time, is evaluating a patient. Benefits for the patient's ability to chew better. Decreasing the patient's discomfort. A lot of patients come in with several teeth that are infected. They've had pain in the past. They've had issues associated with bad dental health, and so what you want to do is there's basically the three steps to this process. First of all, you remove the disease, secondly, you restore their ability to chew, and thirdly, you restore the aesthetics. A lot of dental practices are not equipped to provide all the services necessary for full mouth reconstruction. A lot of times full mouth reconstruction requires maybe some endodontic therapy, or root canals, or implant placement where you have to be referred. We do custom temps. Again, as I mentioned before, I love working with my hands. I love making things. So I do all the wax-ups here myself. On a denture case, I set the denture teeth myself because I want to make sure that I'm really clear what the patient wants and where those teeth are being set. So if there's any issue, I'm more familiar with the case than one that's been sent to the lab.

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