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Missing teeth can severely impact your oral health, general well-being, and ability to talk and eat. 

Dentures are a popular option for replacing natural teeth and restoring your self-confidence. 

At Dental Works in Scottsdale, AZ, we provide compassionate, affordable dentistry that is performed with advanced technology. 

Millions of Americans Choose Dentures

According to the American College of Prosthodontists, 120 million Americans are missing at least one tooth, 30% of whom have no teeth at all. Every year, millions of these people make the choice to invest in dentures and improve their dental health and function. If you’re interested in experiencing the many benefits of dentures, call (480) 391-0099 or write to our husband-and-wife team of dentists, Drs. Terry and Mary Work. 

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Randall Bowers


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My wife and I have been going to Dental Works for almost a year. The staff is amazing and Dr. Terry makes you feel very comfortable. We highly recommend!

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David Fordon


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Going to the dentist is not usually one's favorite thing, but I've found the doctors at Dental Works superb. I've found no care and such excellent results like this anywhere else in the Valley or country and highly recommend this practice and Dr. Terry Work and Dr. Mary Ann Work.

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What Sets Dental Works Apart

Patients from all around the Scottsdale, AZ, area choose Dental Works because our service has earned us a stellar reputation. We distinguish ourselves through our:

Advanced Dentistry

We truly believe Scottsdale deserves the best. That is why we have invested in several cutting-edge technologies and sedation dentistry options. One of our powerful devices is iTero® digital scanning technology. iTero allows us to create incredibly fast and accurate digital tooth impressions. This expedites the speed of the denture process while giving us precise insight into your particular oral needs. We also use 3D digital technology in our implant process. Our practice is focused on both efficiency and comfort. Lastly, we offer several sedation options to ensure that the placement of your dentures and implants is as painless as possible. 

Elite Dentists

Drs. Terry and Mary Work served as U.S. Navy Dental Officers for four years before they began in private practice. The couple's military background reassures patients that they will be treated with honor and integrity. Since opening their private practice, they have earned a stellar reputation. One key reason for this is their dedication to continuing dental education. They have spent hundreds of hours of their own time learning advanced dentistry skills, including additional periodontics knowledge. Periodontics is the study of the teeth's supporting structures and gums, which are key to understanding how to provide properly fitting dentures. 

Compassionate Care

A key part of dental care that some providers neglect is treating their patients with personalized care. We are committed to building an atmosphere of trust with all patients. One way we act on our patient-first philosophy is by never pressuring anyone to choose particular procedures. Another is our proven ability to provide dental care to patients with sensitive, specialized needs. We are known to be an effective provider of special needs dentistry. Some patients who require dentures are also suffering from mental and physical challenges. We have experience effectively serving patients with all types of needs. 

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Alexander LeBlanc


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They are the best ✨✨✨✨

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Lovely experience. Staff and providers professional and courteous. 5Stars!

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You Can Receive Dentures From a Trusted Authority

A true sign of dental skill is industry recognition. Dr. Terry has mentored other dental professionals at several institutions, is an ambassador of education for the dental implant company Instradent, and lectures on techniques including dental implant placement.

His work has earned him Diplomate status in the International College of Oral Implantologists (ICOI), which is the highest level of membership the ICOI offers. 

Request Your Dentures Consultation Today at Our Scottsdale Office

We believe everyone deserves to have a smile they are proud to showcase and teeth that function flawlessly. Our dentures are stable, strong, and natural-looking. The quality of our work allows patients to trust that their false teeth will be truly life-changing. 

You do not have to suffer from missing teeth any longer. Our dentists have the skill and knowledge to determine the right dentures for you. All you have to do is call or write to us and request your dentures consultation. See how Dental Works works for you. 

(480) 391-0099

Implant-Supported Dentures

Dentures supported by dental implants provide a heightened level of stability. If you choose this option, our dentists will place small posts into your jaw during a surgical procedure.

Dentures supported by implants cost more than the traditional option, but the higher price tag is more than made up for by the extraordinary fit, function, and security they provide. Plus, implants can last for decades with proper care. 

We also offer All-on-4® dental implants. This option allows us to secure a full denture with only four implants, meaning patients can often skip preparatory bone grafting.

By selecting implant-supported dentures, you can receive restorations that function just like natural teeth. 

Implant denture

Because implant-supported dentures secure directly to your jawbone, they promote bone health and avoid the slippage often associated with dentures.

What About Immediate Dentures?

Another term you may have heard is immediate dentures. Immediate dentures refer to the temporary dentures that patients wear after extractions and before they receive their final dentures. 

Affording Dentures


We believe cost should never prohibit denture patients from experiencing the very best results. We accept most insurances and are happy to coordinate with your insurer to help get the most coverage possible. In general, traditional dentures are at least partially covered by insurance. Implants, on the other hand, are considered elective. For out-of-pocket costs, we accept various payment options, including CareCredit® and Sunbit. These are third-party financing options that allows you to pay for your care in convenient, low to no interest monthly installments. 

When to Call Us for Denture Repairs & Adjustments

Sometimes, you may encounter issues with your dentures even with proper care. You should contact our dentists if you notice: 

  • Breakage, cracking, wear & tear
  • Noise while eating or talking
  • Uncomfortable feeling
  • Slippage or poor fit
  • Persistent bad breath
  • Gum bleeding or gum sores
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Arizore Arizore


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Dr. Terry and his staff were cheerful and helpful. It was my first time at his office but the process went seamlessly. He cleaned up an ugly front tooth so my mouth looks nearly perfect (better than it's looked in years). And almost best of all, the cost was lower than I expected.

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Rosie Cooke


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Highly recommend Dental Works for all your dental needs. A family dental business with full dental services from cleanings to implants. I've been a patient for years and have always felt appreciated, informed and well taken care of by Drs. Work and their staff. Great service and workable payment options for what ever care you or your family need.

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Denture Cleaning Tips

Drs. Mary and Terry Work give each patient detailed tips for taking care of their dentures. The number one thing to keep in mind is that dentures should be cleaned daily, just like natural teeth. Traditional dentures should be cleaned with denture cleansers, not regular toothpastes. Our dentists can recommend creams, gels, pastes, solutions, or tablets. One important note is that denture cleansers are to be used after removal, not while dentures are in the mouth. Make sure to gently clean your gum tissue and tongue as well.

Dentures supported by implants are typically removed and cleaned during your twice-yearly checkups. Maintaining regular appointments with our Scottsdale dentists will help keep your dentures looking great for years to come.

Eating With


Some simple tips can also make adjusting to traditional dentures easier. During the adjustment period, you should stick to soft foods such as bananas, yogurt, and smoothies. Take care to avoid very hard or crunchy foods that can potentially damage dentures. Chew gently with both sides of your mouth and make sure to check that your food is not too hot before placing it in your mouth. 

Implant-supported dentures allow patients to eat just like they would with natural teeth. Not having to worry about dietary adjustments means you could enjoy whole apples, steaks, and other favorites you've been missing.

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Dental Works

Drs. Terry Lee Work and Mary Ann Work are the dentists of choice for many families throughout Greater Scottsdale. That's because our dentists:

  • Are affiliated with ICOI and the American Dental Association
  • Provide sedation dentistry for improved comfort and accommodation of special needs
  • Offer CareCredit® and Sunbit financing
  • Provide comprehensive dental care for patients of all ages

To schedule your consultation, contact us online or call us at (480) 391-0099.

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