Drs. Terry Lee and Mary Ann Work provide Invisalign to patients who are interested in a straighter smile. Invisalign trays from Dental Works are incredibly discreet and most people won't even notice you're undergoing orthodontic treatment. With Invisalign, you can have a straighter smile and healthier bite without bulky, uncomfortable braces.

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Dr. Terry Work: Invisalign is they're just clear trays that you wear that incrementally move the teeth until the teeth are straight. You just change them every week, and we usually see those patients every six weeks. We get them new trays, and then at the end, we get them what are called Vivera retainers and they wear those. Those cases take anywhere from three months to a year and a half depending on how complicated they are. Dr. Mary Ann Work: The most ideal candidate for Invisalign treatment would be an ortho relapse. So an individual that had braces, conventional braces, and never wore their retainers. And so, over time, their teeth have shifted and crowded, and they just want to realign them. That's the best candidate. Dr. Terry Work: The advantage to Invisalign is that some people are embarrassed by having conventional braces, or the brackets from conventional braces will scratch up the inside of your lips and cheeks. Invisalign that is not an issue. While you're wearing the trays, they're nice and smooth. Most people you can't tell they're even wearing those. The biggest advantage is the fact that you don't look like you have braces. Dr. Mary Ann Work: Invisalign is a great option for individuals that do not want to wear conventional braces. And if you have a wedding or something, you can just, you know, not have braces on. You know, you can wear your Invisalign trays. You can take your trays out. Nobody knows you have braces. It's a great option for those individuals that just don't want someone to know that they're wearing in braces. Dr. Terry Work: Patients who have always wanted straight teeth but didn't want braces, they love the fact that we can do this, and nobody really knows that they're having their teeth straightened. It's a very gentle process. People don't complain that it's painful, and they just wear the trays and go about their regular lives, while their mouth is improving every day. Patients love the fact that they can have it done without anybody knowing they're having it done.

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